Before calling us, you may prefer to read this page and find out what kind of questions buyers have? What is a home inspection?

Put simply, a home inspection is a visual examination and technical analysis of the major systems of a house performed for existing homeowners, prospective purchasers, or third party agencies. The system inspection includes the Roofing, Exterior, Structure, Electrical, Heating, Cooling, Insulation, Plumbing, and the Interior.

Home inspectors must be knowledgeable and experienced about all aspects of residential building systems and their operations. They must be able to recognize and report on non- performance and the potential for failure. It may be easy to pay for this or to be a member of an association or to obtain a certificate, but it is not easy to get a license from the Government. Therefore, when you decide to set an appointment with the inspector, it is your right to ask him/her to bring his/her license issued by the government to show you at the initial meeting. Contractors do not need to have trade licenses in Ontario, therefore, they are not qualified to do inspection. Home renovators have to keep their trade license with them. You can expect an inspector to carry the following trade licenses:

1 – Carpentry license to recognize structural defects.

2 – Plumbing license to diagnose drainage defects.

3 – Roofing license to recognize shingle or flat-roof defects.

4 – Eaves-roughing license to diagnose storm water drainage defects.

5 – Waterproofing license to assess sources of leakage (roof, window, foundation or exterior wall).

6 – Concrete work license to understand the foundation of the house.

7 – Underpinning license to assess the defects of foundation and underpinning jobs done before. The foundation and concrete structure of the basement are extremely important.

8 – Some other trade licenses such as installation of cabinets and vanity, installation of aluminum and vinyl (windows), installation of drywall and plastering, tile setting also help an inspector not only in identifying the defects of the interiors of the house but also potential for future renovation and remolding.

No House is perfect:

Not even the brand new homes are flawless. But that doesn’t mean you should give up the search for your dream home. It just means that when you find the right house, you need to go one step further and find out what problems exist and what may arise in the future. Buying a house is one of the biggest investments most people will ever make, so it makes good sense to have it checked out by a professional.


Why a home inspection should be performed?

Incomplete information is a source of anxiety for any homebuyer. A home inspection is for buyers who want to know the true condition of the house. After deciding that a home is suitable in terms of location, size, interior layout, and other lifestyle factors, it is also important to learn about the structural features. Many of those defects cost a fortune and are expensive to be fixed; and an insurance company does not insure the house until those defects are rectified based on the Ontario Building Codes.


Why Does The Fairview Standard Inspection package include the floor plan?

1 – It is complementary for our clients and there is no charge for it.

2 – Most of the houses that people buy do not have a floor plan. Yet buyers need it for future use such as renovations, interior design, and setting up furniture and so on.

3 – Important: When we measure every inch of the flooring to provide a floor plan, we can rarely miss a defect. By law, our report, similar to other professional home inspectors’ reports, is based on what we see or are exposed to.


What is the Fairview 60 points inspection?

1 – It is the summary of more than 60 points of the house we inspect.

2 – It is the summary of all the defects that we see or are exposed to.

3 – It is the summary of our estimate to rectify those defects.

4 –Sometimes a buyer is impressed by a dynamic inspectors’ report that shows the graphic estimate of the electricity or gas consumption in the future, and forgets the crucial component which is the inspection of the structure of the house which includes the foundation, roof, exterior, plumbing, and so on.

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